BCArchive 2.06

It is designed to compress a group of files/folders to a single encrypted file
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At first sight BCArchive seems to be a usual compressor but it is not as simple like that. While designing BCArchive it's developers were concerned about privacy of their users so BCArchive is not only a compressor for saving hard disk space but it is also a kind of encryption tool to save our compressed data secured. Using BCArchive is very simple and does not need special encryption knowledges. If you want to compress some private data just specify a password when creating an archive and do not forget to enter this password when decrypting and extracting the information. If you want to send an encrypted information via e-mail you can use a Public key to protect your data from insecure Internet connections. Public key is actually a Public/Secret key pair that means once you have encrypted the data you want to send via e-mail with public key it can be decrypted only by the recipient who will receive a secret key.
Still if you only want to compress the information without encrypting it you can just choose 'Plaintext or unencrypted data' in the Algorithm tab.

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